Transformation and
Exponential Markets

We combine the best experience for structural transformation, developing Universities, Corporations and Technology Ecosystems


Transformation Management

We help to make a digital transition, go through a complex transformation, develop megaprojects, master exponentially growing markets - make an economic breakthrough.

Finding growth drivers. Design and implementation of development models. We manage strategic changes and key development trajectories.

Our focus is conceptual reengineering of the mechanics of business models to generate profits in a new world.


of Education

Build an effective system for the production of in-demand educational products, training in new professions and skills of the future

and the Future

Look into the future - start predicting and monetizing trends, launch new products, create new industries

Venture / Startup Studios / DAO

Move from an outdated startup accelerator model to an efficient venture studio model

Exponential Markets

Capitalize emerging trends, launch new products for emerging and exponential markets

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