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Frequently Asked Questions
Knowledge Base
What is Foresight?
Foresight is an intelligent technology for co-designing the vision of the future. This communication format allows stakeholders to create a collective vision of the future and agree on joint actions to achieve it, form new market and product vision and build new emerging products
What is Startup Studio?
Startup studio is a factory which generating technological business ideas, testing business hypotheses and building technological startups from proven ideas
What is an Educational Studio?
What is Tracking?
Tracking is a systematic monitoring of the achievement of the goals set in the roadmap to accelerate the achievement of results. Tracking is carried out by a specialist tracker.

A tracker is a mentor who helps the team move through the methodology. The tracker tracks the progress of the team from stage to stage, helps them move in the best way, and provides feedback and recommendations.
Who we are?
We are a progressive team of experienced professionals focused on transforming universities, corporations and technology ecosystems. Our results:

Education industry

  • 300+ educational programs
  • 40+ online educational products (30+ were created in 2021)
  • built an educational studio and production process at a technological university
  • Ecosystem of innovation and technology entrepreneurship
  • organization of 3 start-up accelerator programs
  • launch of the Venture Academy
  • invention and organization roadshow "Startup Tour" – a social elevator for tech entrepreneurs, startups, engineers, scientists, and students from all over the country
  • launch an initiative to support talented youth

Designing the future

  • organization of more than 10 foresights: "Student future foresight", "The technological future", "Urban Development", etc

Development of the technological ecosystem

  • development of programs for leading technology conferences “Digital Health Assembly”, “Innovation Convention”, “Open Innovation”, “Digital Industry”, “Startup Picnic” etc.
  • launch the educational business reality TV-show “The Challenge”
  • organization "The Innovative Bootcamp" – of a 10-day educational program for 1200 inventors and tech entrepreneurs

More details can be found on the company page.
Where are we based?
Where are we incorporated?
The parent company of Gamechanger is located in Montreal, Canada. Similarly, but for the convenience of cooperation, we have companies in the United Arab Emirates and Estonia
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